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Gates to the old city

Historic bank building



View of old city

Yes ... its cold!!

We came across Viterbo as a place to visit/stay quite by accident. We were looking for a place to stay on our first night in Italy which wasn't too far from Rome. Viterbo was described as an historic walled city which was steeped in history and culture - and what a find it was. The original "old city" still exists behind the original walls. The streets are paved with cobble stones, and there is a good mixture of old and new. We spent the better part of the day just wandering around the streets and visiting the historic museum. The real find tho was the markets. Not just a flea market though - it was more like a factory outlet market. Clothes & shoes were the predominant item on sale - and prices to die for. Leather shoes for 8 - 10 euro, wool scarves (a must in the cold) for 3-5 euro, brand name denim jeans for 10-15 euro. Just browsing took us about 2 hours.Did I mention it was cold? Just 6 degrees this morning, only got to about 14 all day.

Hint: if you plan to come to Italy then just bring what you can wear, do all your shopping here. You can probable save yourself at least 1/2 what you would pay back home.

Tonight we headed back to the puzzeria we ate at last night - more greaat pizza and a few glasses of almost excellent red wine (a perfect way to finish off the day)

Tomorrow we leave Viterbo and head for another old historic town in Tuscany - Certaldo. It promises to be just as fascinating as Viterbo.

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