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One of the first oil tankers

The derrick in the early 1900's

The Barber Shop

The General Store

Boomtown street

Boomtown street

Cyprus wood oil tanks

The Doctors office and equipment

BLACK GOLD! It arrived in Beaumont January 10, 1901 and sprayed over 100 feet above the derrick for 9 days before they could get it capped. Spindletop produced between 80,000 and 100,000 barrels of oil a day and in 1902 produced over 17 million barrels! Before the gusher most of the oil wells in the U.S. produced about 35 barrels of oil per day. During Civil War Days it was thought to have oil in the area and several people tried to find it but ran out of money before hitting it. Once the gusher was discovered, it is reported that people were buying up 1/64th of an acre (just big enough for a derrick to sit on) which became a nightmare for land surveyors. In 1902 there were 285 active wells in the area and over 600 oil companies had been chartered. Most of those oil companies vanished overnight but some went on to become giants of the industry even today. The well was short-lived and began to decline because of overproduction in 1903 and within 10 years was virtually a ghost town. However in 1920 Spindletop boomed once again when new technology became available and allowed for deeper drilling and remained active until the 1950's. Because of the vast quantities of oil discovered at Spindletop, it propelled the world into the twentieth century because the use of oil was an inexpensive, lightweight and efficient fuel. My how times have changed! Lamar University has created the Boomtown Museum which depicts how it looked back in the early 1900's. The area has become a Registered National Historic Landmark and was very interesting to visit.

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