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Fiji Radison

School children

Sugarcane Train

Typical house

Surrounded by Fiji water - they give it away!

Bula (hello)! We arrived safely in Fiji after a 10.5 hour flight from LAX. Kids slept eight or more hours, Steve too. I slept more than half. In LAX we helped an Amazing Race team, Mallory and her dad Gary by giving them our Australia Guidebook, sorry AH Library. Flight Time and Easy were there. Along with mom and the hearing-impaired son.

Anyway, we landed to a beautiful sunrise. Fijian musicians were at the airport with flowers for our hair. We picked up the car and off to the hotel. The steering wheel and driving lane are on the wrong side. I have not been allowed to drive yet. We arrived during the morning commute. Hundreds of school children dressing in various uniforms. The girls all wear colored dresses circa 1950's with white collars and white trimmed sleeves, purple, white, pink. The boys have on a white buttoned shirt with either brown dress shorts or a long form fitting skirt. About two out of ten kids did not have on any shoes, we did not know yet if it is by choice or necessity. Lots of people are barefoot all the time. The kids here go to school for three months at time called a Tem? and then are off two weeks. There are four tems and then a long 6 week break over Christmas. The houses are small and colorful. Most do not have doors that close and outside is considered part of their everyday living space.

BTW, the weather is amazing. 88F and sunny in the morning. It rained in the evening, as usual we were told. This afternoon, Steve and I went to a local fruit market. Over 20 local farmers, each with their own produce set on a table. Also, a local fisherman with his catch. Prices are low in Fiji. We bought 12 bananas, 8 mangos, 6 paw paws for 5 fiji dollars, which is equivalent to $2.50 American. We stopped and threw down a couple Fiji Golds. Back at the hotel, kids relaxed and everyone napped up until bedtime. Fruit for dinner.

Kate will update tomorrow with some pictures. She was too tuckered today by the time we figured out Internet. Most families to not have TV or computers at home. When it started to rain all the kids were out playing like ours kids do in the snow. Also, very few use an umbrella, people hanging around having a conversation in the rain. Our white kids running for shelter. moce (pronounced mothey) Maureen

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