Southeast Asia 2010 travel blog

Outside our hotel

The park in District 3



More of the park in district 3


The war museum

Ho Chi Minh City

Dried squid street food

Dinner duck with rice

Dinner the second night

Street Market


More fried pork, sooo good

Arrived in Ho Chi Minh City a head of the rain. It is a very busy city and not as tourist friendly as you would think. Jeff and I went out for coffee to day and stopped at a local place. We ordered coffee and looked at the menu. There were no English translations. The girl who took our order asked if we spoke Vietnamese and we said no. She did not come back so we paid for our coffee and moved on. There is a real noticeable feeling about westerners here.

We toured the war museum and to no surprise it tells the story of the war from the side of the current government. Not sure how to feel about it. But it is what it is. After the museum, we went for a walk about town. Jeff got some good video of us crossing the street which is real challenging here. The final post will have all the pictures and video. Dinner was at a small local restaurant. We had duck with rice and pork with green peppers. There was a jar of snakes in the kitchen. We did not try them. Jeff did order a dried squid from one of the street vendors. He took the first bite. I tried a small peace and spit it out. Not for me.

Tomorrow I start my marathon back home. 9 AM Saigon to Bangkok, arrive at 11 am. 4 pm Bangkok to Hong Kong arrive at 8 pm, 1 am Hong Kong to San Francisco arrive 8 pm the day before I left Hong Kong. It will be a lot of flying, but worth it for a great trip. The last post will have all the pictures and a summary of the trip.

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