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The Barracks at the Alamo

Entrance to the Alamo

Picture of the Alamo Grounds

Entrance to Barracks from inside the Coumpound

Vets lining up for ceremony (I was crying and the picture is...

We had a wonderful surprise call from our daughter Stephanie while we were in Lubbock saying that she was in San Antonio on business and would it be possible for us to come down to see her. Well "jump at the chance" we did! It was so fun to get to see her and have dinner with her one night. The next morning after meeting her for an early breakfast, we walked through the Alamo which is in downtown San Antonio. It is a formidible structure to be sure. Some of the walls are over three feet thick and it has continued to be kept structurally sound. The buildings are all still standing and it is surrounded by fences where no buildings create the perimeter. In the middle of the area is a beautiful garden area. One of the buildings is the old barracks. The Spanish built the Alamo in 1744 and was abandoned in 1793. Ten years later it became a fortress for the Mexican Army and was surrended to Texas forces in 1835. Texas thought the war with Mexico was over and most of the troops left. THe Spanish tried to regain the ALamo and in early 1836 it was under heavy seige by over 200 Spanish soldiers. The battle lasted 13 days and during that time most of the Texas forces were killed including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. The Mexicans left the Alamo in 1841 after being defeated in the Battle of San Jacinto and the Republic of Texas returned it to the Catholic Church.

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