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The best Pho of the trip

Local fishing boat


The dive shop



The market


Lunch again


After my last post, Jeff and I walked around and decided to have another bowl of Pho. This time we stopped at a street side stand. This one was really good. I added a bit too many peppers and it was really fiery, but still good. The stand had some small chairs and a table set up in the ally between two buildings. The chairs were the type you find in a pre-school. Not really made for people my size.

Just an FYI, It's still raining and has not stopped since last night.

In the morning we got up and headed to the dive shop. The dive operation was very professional and they took us by bus to the boat. There were 6 other divers just going out for fun dives and about 12 divers that were making training dives. We meet another girl from South Africa, she was here to get certified as an instructor. She said it was a lot cheaper to travel to Vietnam to take the course then take it back home. It took about and hour to get to the dive site. The first dive was 17 meters for 55 min. and the second dive was 16 meters for 50 min. It still takes some getting use to the metric system. The dive were good. Do to the weather the visibility was not great but we still saw a lot of stuff, octopus, ells, reef fish etc. With the rain the ride back was a bit cold.

Now I am just walking around (in the rain) exploring the town. If the rain lets up, Jeff and I want to rent motor bikes and check out the countryside. So far Vietnam has been fun and we are meeting people from all over the world.

That's all for now, and I promise I have pictures to come.

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