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Soup from the first night


Mut Mee

Mut Mee

The Mekong at the Mut Mee


Restaurant we had breakfast

Sculpture garden

Sculpture garden

Sculpture garden

Sculpture garden


Rice drying

Snack on the ride


Rice cake

Jeff with the banana lady

Me with the banana lady

The Friendship Bridge at sunset

Dinner guest


Chicken foot salad

Jeff and the chicken foot

Breakfast at the Mut Mee

We arrived in Udon Thani and we paid for the mini bus to Nong Khai. It turned out to be a very small car with a total of five people. We made it the the Mut Mee Guest House and checked in. The Mut Mee has a very relaxing vibe. They had two rooms with mosquito nets and a fan for 150 Bt. After checking in Jeff and I walked around to check out the town. We came across a little restaurant on the Mekong and ordered some Tom Yum soup.

Our plans were to spend only one night at the Mut Mee but it was so mellow after Phuket that we stayed a second night. The next day we rented motor bikes and toured the sculpture garden, my second time. Then decided to explore the countryside. We rode thought some small neighborhoods. Everyone who saw us said hello and asked where we were going. At a small store we stopped for a beer and a lady that we pasted on the road that was selling bananas stopped by and offered us a rice cake. We ate part of it but it just tasted like white rice. When we pasted her on the way back we had to stop had buy some bananas.

Dinner that night was at a restaurant off one of the main streets. I keep with the usual, Chicken & Basil with pepper. Jeff ordered chicken foot salad. I have to hand it to him, he ate a whole foot. I sampled a toe. It was like eating cartilage. Not a favorite. During dinner an elephanthant came by playing harmonicanica. Its kinda cool to have an elephant walk up during diner. To day we made out way a cross the border into Laos.

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