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Step 1: 15 minutes before the only on time shuttle in the whole of central America arrives, run to find some marshmallows -not the easiest thing to describe with limited spanish!

Step 2: Bundle in a van with a bunch of other gringos and bounce your way along dirt roads to Volcan Pacaya

Step 3: Convince the small children at the volcano that no you do not want to buy a stick from them (or more marshmallows, the american's got it covered -oh yeah we're now travelling with an american guy alex who's a helicopter pilot, sadly he doesn't travel with it). and also that although you may look super weedy your legs are in fact made of steal and you do not need a 'taxi natural' to the top

Step 4: begin the uphill hike with your fellow gringos and spanish guide -family pacaya- making sure to avoid the landmines from the natural taxi -mmm horse poo!

Step 5: hike through trees, across lava fields and over rocks, being sure to follow the danger sign into the mist.

Step 6: Arrive at the almighty Pacaya and avoid melting your shoes and face as you peer down into a cave in the lava rocks - toasty!

Step 7: Manouvere over the spikey lava scree (sounds just like walking over coco pops, which yes we have both done).

Step 8: Find a small hole in the ground that is of your desired cooking temperature.

Step 9: Using your trusty stick (the one you picked up from the path rather than the one you bought), and the multicoloured marshmallows supplied by the American, poke...squish...dip...1 second...toasted!

Step 10: Munch heartily on you volcano toasted marshmallow. Repeat until you feel slightly sicky - mmm volcano marshmallow!

Step 11: Whilst still covered in marshmallow, watch the sun go down, illuminating the surounding volcanoes. Don't stray too far, you'll be told off!

Step 12: Descend the volcano in the dark using your ninja like night vision skills to avoid those landmines and avoid slipping over.

Step 13: Arrive triumphantly back at the van and bounce your way home.


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