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This little guy was fishing when I looked out my window this...

We're on the road again.

I love these cactus that look like hooks.

More desert terrain today.

The parade goes on.

Sorry, this got a little blurry shooting out the window.

The Mexican flag at the 28th parallel.

Guerrero Negro is whale watching country...more on that on the way north.

We've now reached Baja South and we've traveled about 630 miles from...

We didn’t have a terribly long drive today, only 210 miles, so the group voted for an 8:30 a.m. departure time. Everyone was ready about 10 minutes early so we rolled on. The first 40 miles were familiar as we were returning to the Bahia de Los Angeles junction with Highway 1. We took a coffee break there. Or a break for the drivers to get rid of the coffee consumed earlier. It’s hard to follow the KM markers because they change often and we started at 0 again.

Punta Prieta is a ranching community and it’s not unusual to see cows grazing on the side of the road. These cows are brave or stupid depending on your perspective because the trucks and cars are just whizzing by on narrow winding roads. We came to our first of many military check points and the soldier asked to come in for an inspection. These are pretty cursory walk-thru’s and they are very courteous and friendly.

Shortly after that, we saw the Pacific Ocean again for a short while and passed the Villa Jesus Maria. We see lots of warning signs along the roads, a popular one is “curva peligrosa” or dangerous bend and we had lots of them today. Sometimes, we see a little grotto on the side of the road, with religious statues, crosses, and flowers. This is usually in memory of someone who was killed in a traffic accident in the area.

In some of the small villages, we see signs for “rural telephone”. Since we haven’t seen cell phone signal in a while, we think this is their only nod to civilization and the communications industry.

At one point, we came upon a dead cow on the side of the road and the vultures were feasting on the carcass. Unfortunately, one of the vultures flew off and didn’t judge the distance to our motor home very well and met his doom right there with the cow. The poor cow might have starved to death; there’s very little to eat for a four-legged animal…but, the vulture was definitely just dumb. Luckily, we were much bigger and didn’t suffer any damage.

Today, we crossed the 28th parallel and that’s the boundary between Baja North and South. There’s a huge Mexican flag there and they do an agricultural inspection. They just asked if we had any fruit. Then, we paid 20 pesos to drive through a little spray area…guess they don’t want the bugs from the north migrating in RV’s to the south. This is also near Guerrero Negro and we’ll be stopping here on the way north for our whale watching adventure….so, more on that later. We also crossed into Mountain Time here so we move our clocks and watches forward an hour.

We had our lunch break in the village of Vizcaino. We just parked along the side of the highway and there was plenty of room to get out and take Foxy for a walk.

Generally speaking, the terrain today was much more barren, kind of low desert, lots of sand and some dunes and hardly any vegetation to speak of. We finally reached the mission town of San Ignacio and our home for the next two nights, at Rice & Beans Oasis Park. Coming from the north, the turn is too sharp for a big rig like us so they recommended we go on a few tenths of a mile to PEMEX, disconnect our cars there, and U-turn back; it worked out really well.

This is a reasonably nice park, all back-in sites, with full hook-ups. We have cell-phone signal and satellite internet so we’re happy campers. We had a group dinner at the local restaurant and the food was really good…….surpassed only by the margaritas……..Joe & I had two each, we’ll sleep good tonight but not before I knock out a couple of loads of laundry. Tomorrow, we have a free day to explore San Ignacio and relax.

It is getting warmer as we move south; high 70's here tomorrow and lows in the mid 40's. It is truly beautiful.

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