A Desert In The Ocean 2005 ad travel blog

A frozen flash flood

The bravery of this soul, slowing the flash flood with his bare...

The next 3 pic's are rapidfire shots of a major defacing of...

An ice boulder crashes into the underground river emerging at the base...

The boulder floats down the river a bit

The valley carved by the glacier b4 its retreat

Our guide carving out steps for us to move further up the...

A rainforest and a glacier in the same place. Well I'll be

Wish I hadn't had that extra grape b4 heading out

A glacier, a glacial valley, and a bemused expression

Rock and ice, ice and rock

Ice and rock, rock and ice

You must helo in to the regions above (still below the accumulation...

We will actually go into this dirty ice cave

Emerging from the ice cave (after some sliding disco moves to get...

Another dirty, wet emerger

The tail end of our troop of ten

Deep in a storm of frozen and white, deep sea waves -...

Looking up the glacier, sunlight hitting the top

As earth is to heaven, it is dirty down below, illuminated and...

A group heading up the glacier where we came from

Me n' a glac'

Me n' a glacl' n' a purdy view

The trick is to slide thru like you are coated in hot...

The crevasse another hiker fell into a week later

The face of the Franz Josef and a river ermerging from his...

Glaciers and sandstone do cool things when they are together

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