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The Buddy Holly Museum

Heading south from Amarillo, we began to see a change in scenery. While there is still lots of grassland, there is some agriculture products to be seen, much of which is irrigated but where is the world is the water coming from? The only ones we could identify were cotton and hay. Lubbock is home to the great Buddy Holly and a museum for him which we truly enjoyed. While the museum tells the story of his life and an 18 month career cut short by a tragic airplane crash on February 3, 1959 along with "The Big Bopper" and Ritchie Valens who was only 17 at the time of the crash. Waylon Jennings had planned to be on the plane but gave his seat up to the Big Bopper who was sick at the time. Many in the music industry claim that Buddy holly changed the way of "Rock 'n Roll" because he added new sounds and made instruments do things they had never done before. They claim it was Buddy Holly's tour of England that spurred on such greats as "The Beatles," "The Monkeys," "The Rolling Stones" and many others. No photos were allowed in the museum but it held many of Holly's things from childhood, guitars from his short career and his bedroom set from his childhood home.

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