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Shaun's 6:30am surf session

Shaun's 6:30am surf session

Balian Beach


Visiting the Monkey Forest, Ubud

Cheeky Monkey

Local surfers, Balian Beach

Shaun lends a hand...

Gili T. Island

Gili T. Island (view from my breakfast 'nook')

Sunrise at Sanur, Mt. Ranjani in background (right)

Uluwatu, Bali

Sanur Beach, low-tide


Traffic is light today (Kuta, Bali)

A happy camper...

Pre-sunrise, Mt. Abung

Sunrise from Mt. Abung (do you see me lurking in the shadows?)

Mmmm....this is my breakfast cooking (from steam escaping a hole in the...

Walking the rim, Mt. Abung. The hike started at 3:30am and was...

Temple on the Mountain, Mt. Abung

Red Umbrella



Rice, rice, rice, nice rice, rice...

...and more rice!

Young fisher-boys at sunset, Balian Beach

Fishing at dusk, Balian Beach

Balian Beach (cafe in the sand)

Balian Beach (cafe in the sand)

I am writing from a little "cafe" on Gili Island, near Bali Indonesia. There's a lightning and thunder storm going on outside, and I'm surprised we haven't lost power yet...

Yeah, this place is pretty cool. It's actually amazing. Shaun and I have been surfing almost every day. I went to "Surf School" and it's helping (though I'm still finding it hard to ride the green waves)! The ocean has so many different colours of blue and green, the beaches are white with fluffy clean sand, the vegetation is lush with flowers and amazing scents, the people are friendly with a good sense of humour. Wahoo!

They have spas' here like the Irish have pubs - foot reflexology or a massage after a hard day of surfing feels so good, and I'd recommend this part of the world to anyone. Bali's a little more busy than I would prefer (especially Kuta!), but the smaller islands are GREAT.

The traffic is CRAZY here (Kuta/ Bali). We just came from Cairo, and I was never once scared there. Though they drive fast and furious in Cairo, they at least follow the rules of the road. But here...HERE everyone and their child drives a scooter or motorbike. Lane-sharing six bikes deep (per lane), driving on the sidewalks, red lights mean...proceed if you think you can?, driving the wrong way up one-way streets, ...and driving FAST. Aiyaiyai. I just sit on the back of Shaun's scooter - grateful that I can't see the road in front of me - and hold on!

But apart from the traffic craziness, I can't complain. Especially now, as I write from a wee island that has no motorized vehicles at all...and my day began with snorkelling at sunrise, and breakfast on the beach...

nov 12

This keyboard is the shits, so disregard the typos...

We're back in Kuta, flying out in a couple hoo...though we're pretty excited about australia. we'll be seeing some great friends there, and hopefully surfing and climbing a bunch too.

the past week we've been on the westcoast in a village (Balian) with great surf, and beautiful scenery...and a little cafee serving balian cuisine and fresh fruit juices on the beach doesn't hurt either! shaun has improved in his surfing so much...i'll attach a few pics of this morning's surf session.

next time I'll be writing from Down Under...

caio for now!

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