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For NZ labor day weekend Mike and I decided to go camping at Mimiwhangata, a cool beach camp we’d been to once last year. The weather forecast promised the first true summer weekend (and sure did it deliver). This was also our first time taking our boat on a trip so we were pretty excited.

With the kayak, fishing rods and surf board stuffed in the car and the boat hooked on the back we headed out for the hours drive to the coast.

We ventured out with Mike’s friend Andrew and his family. We dropped Mike, Andrew and the loaded down boats a few miles from Mimiwhangata. They made the 20 minute boat trip in while I drove the car in with Andrew’s wife Sarah and their two teenagers. We pulled up to the beach to find that we were the only ones out! We had the entire beach to ourselves for the entire weekend. We moored the boats offshore and set up camp.

We spent our days fishing, diving and enjoying time on the water.

The wildlife was awesome. We caught three new species – spotted dog fish (ugly!), barracuda and deep sea snapper. We saw a whale while sitting in 70 meters (210 feet) deep water a mile or so off shore. There were also pods of dolphins out and massive sting rays.

The trip home was a bit tricky. It was low tide so we couldn’t actually get the boat back in. So Mike and Andrew took the boats a few miles up the coast to another bay where we were able to retrieve the boats straight off the beach.

All in all is was a great first summer weekend.

Oh yeah and for Halloween, I was an electric outlet and Mike was a plug. I can’t claim it was original (I got the idea in Google images) but we made the costumes ourselves so that was pretty crafty!

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