Roma, Italia 2010 Adventures travel blog

Yesterday We woke up early and left our strange Twilight Zone, 70's blast from the past hotel to head to Milan. I got dropped off at the train station and left the group, kind of reluctantly (after having an aweosme dignified discussion about health care last night at dinner I didnt want to leave!). I then had to figure out how I was getting home that day. I sat at the ticket booth for awhile deciding if I wanted to pay 30 more euros to take a 3 hour train ride or pay less for the 7 hour train ride. I ended up going with the 3 hour one because I didnt want to get back home super late. I then had to help out some girls with their tickets. I really dont know why so many people ask me for directions and help, I guess I must know where Im going and what Im doing because I definately DONT look Italian.

I bought my ticket for later that day so that I could do some exploring of Milan. It was kind of a miserable day, raining and wet, but I was still able to see the main attractions, the Duomo and the castle. I also wittnessed a marathon or something going through Milan which was really cool. But I was distracted and I stepped in two puddles therefore soaking my feet and making my toes soggy and squletch every time I walked.

There is not much I hate in this world more then being cold and/or wet. And this helped in my decision to buy a new pair of boots. They are super warm and comphy and stylish and on sale! They were the cheapest boots I have seen in Italy, which is abother reason I just went ahead and bought them. Im really happy I did so dont say anything about how I shouldnt spend my money... I know I shouldnt, but I wanted to, ok? haha

I spent an hour sitting around in the train station because I was sick of being cold and when the train took off I was sure I would sleep the whole way, but I couldnt. I started getting a headache and I was exhausted by the time I got back to Rome and after giving some lady directions (again... it happened in Venice and Florence too, good thing I knew the area) I proceeded to seethingly meander my way through Termini. I swear it takes like 2 hours to get to the metro...

I then got home and colapsed on my bed. I really wanted to do something for Halloween but by 9 pm I was almost falling asleep at my computer so I upset my friends by breaking the news, but honestly, a headache and not being able to keep my eyes open are good excuses right? ...Shut up, I know Im an old lady...

Today I slept until 11:30 and then did NOTHING all day. no, Wait, I went to the supermarket and forgot to buy BREAD. But it was a rainy and yucky day today. and I deserved to do nothing I think after a week and a half of doing a lot!

Tomorrow I start school and I think that I shouldnt have school tomorrow. I need another day of nothing. Im still tired from my vacation.

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