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Cairo camel

Cairo city scene

Pyramids and Sphynx

Liz steals a kiss...

more pyramids...



Sunrise, en route to Dahab

Ahhhh...the breeze...we rode in the back of this truck with another Canadian...


Dahab seawall

Just months before the Egyptian Revolution that ousted the Mubarak regime(January 2011), Shaun and I enjoyed a peaceful (though far from quiet!) trip to Egypt. We decided to go to Egypt while we were in South Africa, watching a FIFA Football match at the pub, and an advertisement for Egypt came on...we were sold!


We spent three crazy days in Cairo, which was almost overwhelming. The pictures provide a snapshot, though the sounds, the people, the "Egyptian hospitality", and all the smells of the markets, the cooking, the cattle, the exhaust...can never be captured with a camera. We were exhausted/thrilled after seeing the sights of Cairo (it' hard to wrap your mind around just HOW OLD some of the stuff you're looking at is...). Mind-blowing!


We then headed to the south Sinai area(the Gulf of Aquaba, Red Sea). We really loved Dahab, where we stayed to relax and unwind for a while. We discovered world-renound snorkelling and diving (yes, we did both - soo FUN!). I could have written pages and pages about the incredible coral reefs, and the hundreds of species of fish and plants we saw. It was like swimming through a multi-coloured garden, only each plant or coral formation was larger than me! I felt like I was in the movie "Finding Nemo"...I'd float by what looked like a 12-foot bright purple head of lettuce, and over a giant coral formation with intricate colourful flowers. And the sealife was incredible! Hundreds and hundreds of brightly-coloured fish, some very bizaar-looking, some cute (yes, there were even the "Nemo" fish hiding amongst the coral and plants.

It was my first time diving, and it was amazing. Even the air-bubbles that would rise from the regulators would sparkle and dance in the sunlight, and made that underwater-world seem even more dream-like.


Crossing the Nile to the West of the city of Luxor, we explored the necropolis of ancient 47 degree heat no less!

The Valley of the Kings, and of the Queens, King Tut's Tomb, the Collosi of Memnon...incredible! The history and ancient artifacts here far out-shone any kind of historical sites we'd ever seen, and gave us a renewed interest and respect for history. If you travel to Egypt, this is a place not to miss (though I recommend visitng these sights EARLY in the morning, before the heat of the day kicks in).

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