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So it turns out that the reason nobody had gotten back to me about my flight itinerary was because my email had ended up in a spam folder somewhere and sat there for a week. I sent another email on Friday, subtly nagging them to get back to me. The recruiter didn't get that email until today, which prompted her to see what the heck I was talking about and look in her spam folder. Embarrassed, she quickly forwarded my email to the manager at the consulting company. He replied almost immediately approving my travel plans and attaching my hotel reservation details. I love efficiency!

So I have booked my flight to London, where I will spend five days visiting family and checking out the sights, and my flight to Basel for my two day visit with the company. Everything else is being taken care of at their end for the Basel portion so I really don't have much else to do but wait and then scramble to get packed the night before I leave.

Now if someone would just buy my house...

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