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We got a coach from Singapore to Melaka which took around 4 hours. Nearly had a bit of trouble getting over the border got stopped at customs as we did not have our visa card as our hotel had kept it and we didn't realise we needed it, kept the coach waiting a little bit we made it over the border and into Malaysia in the end. Walked into the town and was glad to find it to be quite cheap went to a few bars and had some nice cocktails in a bar called Geographic. Jonker street had streets stalls all along it and at one end there were loads of Chinese men doing karaoke on a big stage ha ha. We got a rickshaw (man pedaling a push bike attached to a double seat) home but the guy was struggling a bit and sweating buckets. He was also very proud of his flashing lights and Celine Dion CD. It was either a crap bike or we have put on a few to many pounds, we will defo go with he had a crap bike.

The next day we walked round the city and viewed the local heritage sites as it has a big history of being a trading port. We did a river tour which had a sighting of a very large water monitor lizard. They also had painted the buildings along the river with art. We did a bit of shopping as it is so cheap, got a pair of flip flops for 2 quid. We had a fish spa treatment, which basically is putting your feet in a water tank full of little fish that suck on your feet and get rid of your dry skin, weird feeling at first, but you get used to it and it is quite relaxing. We both had a lot of giggles and a few funny looks from other people in the spa, but was well worth it. Had a nice Chinese meal near the hotel in the evening. Melaka is a good place for a short visit you can do all of it in a day but worth it. People are friendly and nice.

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