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Shiprock as viewed from several miles to the east.

Shiprock from the south.

10x zoom of Shiprock from the south.



There are several long narrow ridges like this extending radially from the...


Even here in Colorado north of four corners Shiprock still stands prominently...

Navajo goats and a few sheep along the highway east of Bluff,...

The big brown goat, with a bell around its neck, is the...

Several views of the beautiful red rocks in and around Bluff, UT.


Get outta my way!!!



The Trading Post at Bluff has beautiful Indian items for sale.


Hercules takes us everywhere and Da Honu provides us "comfort"....what a team!

Twin Rocks cafe in Bluff.

Notes about how Bluff was originally settled by the Mormons in 1880.



The only remaining original log house from the 1880's.

Several old wagons used in the 1880's.


Descendants of the original Mormons to settle here are funding the reconstruction...

Many of them are already built and furnished - others are still...

Each will have period furnishings.



Navajo hogan built on the site is exactly like those the natives...

Inside of hogan is cedar wood - outside is covered with mud...

Flowers that Elena captured in the yard by the visitor center.

Hollyhock and morning glory.

Sand Island BLM campground.

Site 22 where we are spending the night.

After we got set-up we went for a walk to see the...

There are hundreds of these on the huge sandstone wall to the...


The San Juan River flows right past the south side of the...

Two lizards catching the last rays of the evening.

(Ron Writing) We left Farmington this morning and headed west on US-64 to Shiprock, NM. The town of Shiprock is named for a very unusual rock formation a few miles southwest of the town. The peak is a 27 million year old “throat” of a volcano. Softer rocks around the throat have eroded away leaving this huge rock standing by itself 1,583 feet above the surrounding high desert plain. The peak is 7,177’ above sea level.

We could already see Shiprock as we were leaving Farmington this morning, a distance of about 40 miles. We drove south of the town of Shiprock about 6 miles on US-491 and then west on I-3 about 5 miles which took us around to the south side of Shiprock. All of this area is part of the huge Navajo Reservation and there are no roads open to the public that go all the way to the base of the mountain.

We drove back to the town of Shiprock and continued west on US-64 to Teec Nos Pos, AZ. Then we took US-160 north to Four Corners and continued in to Colorado a short distance where we picked up CO-41 west to Utah where the highway changes to UT-162. Wow, four states in one day. We didn’t stop at the four corners monument since we already did that about 3 years ago. This entire four corners area is high desert plains broken with beautiful mountain formations. Most of the time today we were roughly following the San Juan River. The river valley has carved some deep and spectacular canyons through this area. Late this afternoon we arrived in Bluff, UT. Bluff was founded in 1880 by Mormons. A group of Mormons from the Salt Lake area came to colonize the Natives of the area. They had a very difficult journey finding a route through some of the most difficult terrain in the country. This is the group that crossed the Colorado River at the famous “Hole in the Wall”. We discovered the Mormons are in the process of restoring and recreating the original “fort” in Bluff. We spent about an hour touring the settlement and watching a video about the history of this town.

As we left Bluff around 5 PM we noticed a BLM campground just a couple miles west of Bluff on the San Juan River. We decided to check it out and found a very nice campsite – just $5 with our senior pass (no hookups).

Today's weather was perfect!

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