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Window Rock in Window Rock, AZ

memorial to Navajos who served in WWII as coders

nice way to display names of their warriros who scarificed their lives...

the hole is massive!

looking into town and the Navajo government offices

the arch in Gallup where one end goes through that remnant of...

artwork is called "hauling in pay dirt" referring to the coal

this is a rock concert!

Dreamin' Cowboy - can you see what he's dreamin' of?

Navajo squaw

This is what made me stop at this park!

a close up of the street side of the metal artwork is...

on the other side of the arc is this - a town...

very hard to get the whole thing in but I tried!

bridge to Memory Lane but they must have forgotten them! This part...

An Indian stopped me in my car because of the South Dakota license plates - he comes from outside of Pierre - and suggested that I go to Window Rock which isn't too far north of here. I saw it on the map and also learned that it is the capital of the Navajo Nation, so I went to see if it was just the name of the town or if there was an arch, giving the town its name. Yep - there's a great big arch there and the Navajo government offices are next to it. The town is surprisingly big, spread out around giant boulders. I really like what they did at the base of the arch, which is sacred to the Indians. It is a war memorial to those who served in WWII as coders for the Marine Corps. It really does look and feel like a sacred place and I'm glad I was told about it and went.

I had seen an arch along I-40 in Gallup that looks kind of like the one in St. Louis, MO but on a much smaller scale. I went to find out what that was all about, but there was no parking in that area, so I went on. Very soon, I saw a great arc of metal with cutouts of people and it is the centerpiece of a park, so I stopped to check it out. It's an art park and it seems to tell some of the history of the town. It was a coal mining town and besides the Native Americans working here, so did immigrants from Croatia! Another fine place I found by running into it - no letterboxes here, just happened by.

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