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Lost Canyon Ride -Wisconsin Dells - Note diapers on horses

Couldn't tell which one was the horse!


Narrow canyon ahead

Yes we went through that small hole

Layers of sandstone

Closer look

Another look with small stream running at bottom

Narrow entrance ahead

Milk bottle with cow inside in middle of page

Wisconsin River boat ride along canyon walls

Top of wall is eagle's beak

Ink wells with trees as feather pens

Canyon island with caves

Close up of cave

On October 16th, we were chased out of Green Bay by all the Packer fans at our hotel. We were afraid they would find out we were Colts fans so we left quietly. Our destination was the Wisconsin Dells. Along the way we stopped at the Simon Cheese Factory and had an opportunity to try many different varieties of cheeses. Many that we never heard of before. Our favorites were the Chocolate Cheese Fudge, Brick Cheese, Bacon Cheese and Apple Jack. We continued on the road for 2 hours to the Circus Museum. This was a place we had heard so much about and really wanted to see it. As we got closer we got excited with anticipation. We pulled up to the place and IT WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!! That has happened to us a number of times this trip. However, we expected that to happen because of the time of the year. So staying positive we moved on to the Wisconsin Dells. The dells were formed by a flood many thousands of years ago by cutting a channel through the sandstone about 150 feet deep in places and leaving behind fantastic formations and layers of sandstone. We came upon a place called "The Lost Canyons." So we decided to check it out. What we found was a horse drawn wagon which rode through the narrow canyons. We were glad to see these horses had diapers on and sure enough as we were going through the narrowest part of the canyons the one horse had to go. What a smell!!!! The canyons were so narrow that the horses only had about 6 inches between their ears and the walls. In fact, the horses had to turn their heads to get through. We took pictures to show you. The sandstone formations resembles layered pancakes. Our guide pointed out a formation that resembled an eagle with some imagination. From here we decided to take an hour boat tour down the Wisconsin River to see other formations created by the flood and erosion and relax. As we floated down the river we saw many sandstone formations and fishermen. This river was considered an ideal fishing location. We saw a couple boats catch fish as we passed. One formation that we saw and the best one you could actually tell what it resembled was a milk bottle with a cow inside. (see picture) Some of the others were a baby grand piano,ink wells and feather pens and an eagle's beak. It was a beautiful day with bright sunshine and warm temperature. So it was nice to just sit back and enjoy the ride. The Wisconsin Dells are really geared toward the kids. We saw one amusement park after another. So we moved north on our way to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to stay overnight. Sunday we were heading to Minneapolis's Mall of America.

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