Bob and Ruth's Big 50th Anniversary Trip 2010 travel blog

10/4/10 Monday

Today is another Sea Day. Those are my favorite. I had my hair color done at the Ships Salon, so I look temporarily beautiful. This afternoon, Bob and I went to a movie “Around the World With Celine Dion.” I enjoyed it more than Bob of course. When us 3 couples showed up for dinner (a formal night), we were told by our waiter, that we were chosen again to have dinner with an Officer. This is the second time that us three couples have had that honor together. I don’t know why they keep choosing us. I think it’s because we are the most entertaining table. Anyway, this officers name was Frances and he’s from India. He has a wife and two children and had been doing this for 20 yrs. He is the Officer in charge of all of the ships housekeeping. He’s why we get chocolates on our pillows every night. After dinner we went to the Officer’s Ball. A lovely end to a nice day.

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