Bob and Ruth's Big 50th Anniversary Trip 2010 travel blog

10/1/10, Friday, Costa Rica

We’re sitting on the deck in Costa Rica. It’s 5 p.m. and people are just returning from the Rain Forest and Zip Line Trips. The ship was supposed to leave Port at 4:30, but was held up due to late arrivals of Tour buses. Bob and I are so relaxed, it’s pitiful. We got off the ship in the Port of Caldera, looked around a little, came back on the ship and ate lunch. Bob took a nap and I went to a movie. Being on a cruise is like living in a small city, with everything to do at your fingertips and anything to eat at your disposal, with someone else always ready to serve it and of course clean up. It’s quite a spoiled lifestyle. Being in Costa Rica and sitting on deck with the moist air makes my hair frizzy, even more so than in Florida, so every night before dinner, my ever so sweet husband, uses my new straight iron on it He really takes pride in it too. What a man! After dinner one of the things I did was watch my friend participate in Karaoke Night. It was a lot of fun. I wish I could sing. The cruise directors on this ship are very personable and really seem to love their work here. What amazes me is how many of the crew remember our names. We haven’t done anything that memorable, OR HAVE WE?

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