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Last night (Friday) Steve and I had WAY TOO MUCH FUN at the 11th Street Bar and Dance Hall, here in Bandera Texas. Its a small bar inside, with about 8 barstools, maybe only 6, but then you go out to the patio and there are two stages and enough space and seating for 500 or more people. It's real Texas style with wood benches, bar stools and tables. There is also a little store that sells tshirts and jewelry wither the bar's logo. The town of Bandera is a destination spot for many Texans, as it's a beautiful drive through rolling green hills to get here. There is a town square, with as many church's as there are honky tonk bars and dance halls. The Medina River runs through the middle of town and is lined with beautiful oak and sycamore trees, picnic tables and rope swings into the river. The bike, walking and horse trail along the banks is awesome!

We parked in a public lot 1/2 block from the bar, 1/2 block from the town square, shopping and people watching. I dragged the chairs out in front of the bus and made some phone calls this morning while Steve went on an early bike ride to check out the sites. The townie bikes have been one of the best investments I've made, they're fun, great excersize and so easy to ride with the 8 gears. I fitted them out with saddle bags, bells and mirrors... at least I dont have to feed them or pull annual coggins tests. Anyway, we packed a lunch of costco chicken, lucilles bbq sauce and greek salad, some beers and a coffee drink and headed to the river. Unfortunately, my (3 day old) New sprint phone's camera stopped working so we have to figure out how to get the pictures off of Steves phone into my computer. We got some great pictures!

We had our picnic along the river then continued the ride over hills and dales? through hollows and licks? (you know - all that country stuff). At one point we came upon about 30 people on a trail ride from one of the local Dude Ranches. We rode down some horse trails and found a great rode back into the Dude ranch property. We found a couple of places that were set up for group bbq's and weddings. (See upcomming pictures).

On the way back Steve found a free go cart on the side of the rode. I think had we had his van, we might have tried to load it up for Eric. One guy in a truck stopped and offered to haul it for us, we offered a case of beer to get him to take it to San Dimas, but that wasnt going to fly. The people in Texas are so friendly and helpful, we both love it here. On our way back down that street, the go cart was being loaded onto someone else's truck, on its way to some lucky local kid.

We rode around the downtown area, comming across some cowboy shoot'm up entertainment. Then met Kevin, the World Champion Trick Roper and his horse Chief. Kevin is a wonderful ambasador for the coty of Bandera, he shared the history and told us about the culture and local traditions here. Then, he stood on his horse and tied me up, waist, arms, legs and hands, with his lasso, all from the top of his horse! (see pictures)

I found an awesome shop called the Gunslinger with a great staff, especially Roxy, who helped me shop. There were great hats from O'farrells in Sante Fe and beautiful clothes. I bought a pair of pants/skirt that I'd never seen before. (I love unusual clothes) They remind me of Gypsy pants and will be great for Florida and California.

Roxy told us to use her name to Leonard the cop who was patrolling, so that we wouldn't have to move the bus.

We found ourselves low on water in the bus. In the past, we've been able to last at least 4 days without hookups or dumping facilities, so we're going to have to take it easy with the water use.

We had such a good time last night, we decided to stay another night.

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