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Last night Deeney came over again and we all mosied? on back to the 11th Street Bar for another night of dancing and fun.

The band was fantastic and played on until 3am. When we arrived, there were many more people than the previous night. As we were looking around for a place we could park ourselves and our bottle of tequilla, we heard someone say, take a seat here, I'll move over. This was an invite from a man we later came to know as "Damn It". He was sitting alone at a bar and made room for all three of us to get comfortable. He was bald with a long straggly goatee, no shirt, jeans and a leather vest with the Motorcycle Club's Logo, Desperagados. He was the leader of this club and on what they call a mandatory ride with 50 of his club members (who were in another part of the bar - not wanting to pay the $5 cover to see the band). Damn It and Steve became fast friends, sharing shots of tequila and crown royal, complimenting each other on their dancing skills and sharing their life stories. Damn It loved to dance (as does Steve) so there were moments of ass/back slapping as each took his turn on the dance floor. As the night went on, more and more of the Desperagados Club members joined our little group. All shapes, sizes, ages and degrees of sobriaty. Deeney and I got a little nervous as they were all checking out the local "flavor" and we both claimed to be married to Steve for our own safety. At one point the Sargent at Arms, "RENO", asked Steve to slow down the tequila shoots with Damn It, as he had to ride his bike home.

We stayed until the band stopped playing, walked 1/2 black back to the bus and planned to move the bus early before the church crowd blocked us in.

We woke up early and decided to visit Steve's cousin, Scott in Montgomery, Texas. It took about 3-4 hours to get there along some beautiful countryside. Probably the prettiest part of Texas I've ever been through. We stayed at a really nice KOA and Scott took us out to dinner at a local diner. He's very computer savvy and agreed to help me get a web site up for parry Harness & Tack. We enjoyed our visit with Scott and hope to see him again soon. He sells time shares all over the world if your interested in taking a fun trip somewhere.

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