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Up really early after our International Mexico Bike Ride, we strolled intot he Casino for coffee, breakfast and a little draw poker for me. I almost doubled my money at the slot machine and met Steve at the bus soon after. There was a beautiful sunrise that we both enjoyed.

We got the bikes all tied down, the entry step would not go into the bus when we closed the door so we had to ask someone to kick it in as we were leaving...aaak! It was an easy drive to Tucson about 200 miles and we arrived at the Voyager RV Resort, where Peter and I spend last winter.

We jumped out and got ont he bikes for a quick ride aorund the park. Then we went to the Fosters for dinner. Frank and Nan Foster are old friends of Peter's and I from Pan Am/Delta Days. They made us feel welcome and loved and invited us to the annual New Years Party the have in San Clarlos, Mexico this comming January. We're going to try to get there! They have a beautiful home here in Tucson and I'm sure the home in Mexico is spectacular too. Peter would love that we continue the awesome friendship and finally get down to the Mexico house for a visit, as they've invited us for many years.

Frank and Nan both look awesome, especially considering that Frank just had a lung transplant. He is doing great, looks great and Nan too is beaming with happiness as are we. Love you guys!

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