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We left this morning about 10:30 headed south through San Diego and ended up parking at an Indian Casino outside of Yuma, Arizona. We could have driven alot further but decided to go on an INTERNATIONAL BIKE RIDE (to Mexico). After parking at the Casino, we unloaded the Townies and headed south. Love riding the Townies! About 30 minutes into the ride the dark clouds opened up upon us with such hard hitting rain, I couldn't see through my sunglasses and we were both soaked to the skin. We found a place to stop right at the border, behind a sign warning that Mexico does not permit handguns. It rained so hard, the streets were flooded and all the electricity in the town of Algadones was out. This is a border town that many Americans go to for dental and medical work. We had what Steve calls, "Mystery Tacos" at a little sidewalk Catina where we shared a table with Louis, the editor of a national magazine. We took his picture and he took ours. We rode back to the Casino and got a chance to talk to the Border Patrol guys. Dinner of Mom's shepherds pie and off to bed early.

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