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I've been trying to get ready to leave for weeks now. Steve has been a big help, as is Marcus, Cryssie, Laura, Cal, Dawn, Chris and Bill and of course Mom.

Unfortunately, while trying to get everthig done, I tripped where the drivey meets the dirt. I was able to keep working for 4 more hours but found that I should have stopped and at least applied ice. As I was strapping the Townies (bikes) to the back of the car, I finally couldnt put any weight on my left foot and hoppped back to the bus and layed down. I really thought that I'd have to put off the trip because I couldnt walk!

After awhile with ice and a Vic., I felt better. Thank goodness! I'm writing this entry a few days after the fact and after Steve got an ankle brace for me, I'm really 90 percent better.

Anyway... We leave first thing in the morning!

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