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Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Our friends, Dr.Chisenga (MedicalDirector of Lundazi) and Bob

Mr and Mrs.Chisenga go swimming

Tired traveller...

The Malawi Lake Ferry...arrives only 9 hours late!

And we thought they over-filled the BC ferries!

On the ferry to northern Malawi Lake

On the ferry: sunset, then sleep

Near Livingstonia, Malawi. View from our bungalow

Livingstonia area, Malawi. View from our bungalowd

Our bungalow

hike to waterfall below



Near Senga Bay

A fellow traveller at Cool Runnings, Senga Bay

Senga Bay

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

A pretty swank hostel, eh? Livingston, Zambia

Victoria Falls, reunited with Dad!

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls


I've attached some photos of our time in Malawi (the second time). I'll keep this one brief.

Nkhata Bay

We returned to Nkhata Bay, travelling with some friends from Lundazi (Dr and Mrs Chisenga, and their friend Bob), who stayed for the weekend. We had a great time - love swimming in Lake Malawi!

We met all sorts of interesting people there - including a Finish feller who's been travelling the world (by bicycle) for 7 years!

Livingstonia (area)

Travelling by ferry, minivan, and hitching a ride with a 4x4 ambulance - along with 22 other people all in the ambulance together - we travelled the craziest steep and bumpy road I've ever seen. The driver actually had to "stand" in his seat to see/navigate his way up up up...

We arrived at the "camp" that had come recommended to us. It had beautiful bamboo bungalows right on the edge of a deep ridge, overlooking tropical jungle (complete with monkeys playing in the tree-tops below!). It was a beautiful spot, and we spent several days there...hiked down to some amazing waterfalls...and had FANTASTIC meals there, cooked by a lovely local woman. All the produce was fresh from their garden...thought I was in heaven:)

Senga Bay

We spent the last week in a friendly little fishing village along the lake, farther south. We loved the people and the market especially there, and Cool Runnings can't come higher recommended...

Cool Runnings is a Guest House (right on the beach), but the owner also has some FANTASTIC community projects that we both would have been happy to get involved with, had we had the time. She takes volunteers, and is really a remarkable - and very funky - chick. I'll write more about this in a "Volunteer/ Getting Involved" entry.


Victoria Falls and beyond

We had a great weekend with Pops (my dad) at Vic Falls and Livingstone (see photos). It was really great to see family again - in person - and dad brought us dental floss!!! Actually, he had so many arts and crafts from Uganda with him, that we were jokingly trying to sell the wares back to the street peddlers!

We saw the Falls from both the Zambia and the Zimbabwe, SO much water. And just as we got to the largest part of the falls, a family of elephants walked across the river at the top of the falls. So cool.

Watched the crazy the bungi jumpers and some nail-biting rafting down below.

We actually got a little tired/bored of doing all the touristy things, and the hostel we stayed at helped connect us with a project in another little village two hours away. Had a GREAT experience there too...Shaun was building a house (they didn't want him to leave...said he's the hardest worker they've had there in the last 7 years the project was running!). I spent a few days helping the Outreach Nurses, which was exactly the same thing I was doing in Lundazi (weighing babies on scales hung in trees, prenatal assessments, immunizations etc), so felt comfortable right away. I'll add this project to the list of good projects/organizations we've come across (see the Volunteer Ops/ Getting Involved" entry).

It's heating up here, hot in the day, and lovely and warm in the evenings...

Too many thoughts and experiences to write about now...

So until next time,

Lizzy g signing off :)

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