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Getting ready for the" shootout"

First up - Spencer

Colin's turn



Path into the woods

View from the pond

Colin and Gram

Spencer and Gram

Alyssa and Gram

Owen and Gram

Mom and her girls

Gram and her" boys"

The reason we are all here- Happy Birthday Millie!!!!


The first bit of good news this morning was that Vito passed the kidney stone. After breakfast he disappeared for a while and we just assumed he had gone to lay down to ease the discomfort but he reappeared and said, " Let the festivities begin!". We were joyous!

The kids asked to do some skeet shooting but Vito didn't have any skeet so he took out a different gun, set up targets on the tree in the side yard ( which we refer to as the park) and they had a little contest. Alyssa ( whom we now refer to as Annie Oakley) had a very good score. Spencer, Owen and Colin finished in that order - Vito wasn't that steady on his feet but participated just for fun.

It was a gloriously sunny day. After everyone was done at the "range", they checked out the pond, and then sunned themselves on the deck. We enjoyed cheeses, olives and incredibly delicious wines. Maria prepared pasta with lobster sauce and then we each had half of 4 three pound lobsters. Mom was in heaven and that was the goal. It doesn't get much better than having your loved ones around lifting their glasses and toasting your health. We pray we will be able to do it again next year on her 100th!

While Maria and Vito drove Alyssa to the train to the city, the boys and I played SkipBo with "grandma". The boys called her the silent assassin. We were joking around - Mom was dead serious and she beat the pants off us. She is truly amazing and a terrific role model. A wonderful way to end a wonderful day.

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