Guatemala-Birds in the sky-2010 travel blog


I am Brave!

Swimming in the River

Carlos buys us a drink!

Thermal waters

Water Falls



Tiffany chillin at the falls


My soup

The whole shrimp









We rise early and go to another hotel for breakfast along the Rio Dulce. The River is huge and brown. Fishermen in handmade canoes are scattered about trying to get a catch. Some solo some with their families or friends. Their are mangroves all along the river. People here live in house on stilts to keep them off the water. Many look like they have no land. I am sure they must think of the vast river as their playground.

We go to a place called the thermal waters. The smell is pungent, like hard boiled eggs, sulfur. Our guide Carlos goes for a swim. I stand on the steps of the water looking at the brown water when I feel a good pinch on my leg. I give a little yelp and Carlos laughs. There are little fish in the water that nibble at you. I decide to go in anyway. I swim around the water is very hot on the surface and cooler below. It feels good. Tiffany can not talk herself into getting in. She doesn't trust the fish!

Carlos jumps into the river for a swim. I followed suit. Through my travels in Central America I have seen many locals swimming in the rivers. The rivers are brown and foreign to me and I could never imagine joining them. Here I was today swimming in the muddy river! It felt wonderful, but I didn't linger.

We then make our way past where the Rio Dulce meets the Atlantic Ocean. Carlos takes us for a hike to a beautiful water fall. Here we all swim in the beautiful blue waters.

From there our boat takes us to Livingston. Livingston is a small town reached only by boat.

The community is a mix of Garifuna,Indian and Ladino people. It is very tidy and colorful. There are many travelers Bohemian style! Dread locks and the baggy cotton clothing. Carlos takes us to a restaurant that serves the best _______ soup.( I don't have the name of the soup, sorry) Livingston is famous for this soup and it is only made perfectly here. I decide to try it. You can see from the photos my lunch was a bit of an adventure. a whole small fish a blue crab, and large shrimp, along with slices of banana. We get asked many times if we want our hair braided. The large woman talks to Carlos privately and asks him to convince us this would be good for us to get our hair braided. No can do!

From there the boat takes back to the dock where our van waits. A long drive to Guatemala city. We have a late dinner at Taco Bell. Very busy.

In Guatemala city we pass by the sink hole which is walled off and guarded. Carlos show us the Cathedral and the House where the past Presidents lived.

Home ..back to cold showers.

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