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Aisle on the bus

Aisle on the bus

another shot of the aisle


Happy Birthday



ice cream on a stick







Tiffany cleaning up the puzzles

kids eating snack. oranges today!

they wear the ponchos to keep warm..yes it is cool here


Very bright girl


Outside of the Orphanage

playing a counting game


Very proud of their work

comfortable approach to learning

Tiffany a pose

I am behind on the Tikal pictures and stories but I wanted to write about today so here I am.

For some reason I wake early. I had a nice hot shower! Yeah! Even though the force of the water is not great at least now it is hot.

We caught the Guatecoaster to the orphanage. Met at the gate by the security man. He carries a shotgun that looks like something Granny off of Beverly Hill Billies would carry, or maybe Elmor Fud. He smiles his toothless smile and lets us in. I imagine or try to imagine the scenarios that he might need to use that gun, I actually wonder if it really works. It looks heavy- probably real.

Tiffany and I are doing an art class with the kindies. So last night I made play-dough. The host family loved it, the play dough had a good workout before it got to the orphanage. We had so much fun, all the family was playing with it. No TV or internet remember, entertainment is dear. Tito (the uncle) made a beautiful bird in a nest and a conch shell.

I promised Damariz (little girl at our homestay 5 years old)I would make some for her to keep at home another day.

The children were not quite sure what to do with the play-dough. There is not much freedom to create in the classroom. Most projects are to copy the teacher- similar to home. So the all made one each of the cookie cutters we had. I had to explain mostly with actions they could create anything they wanted. In the end I made a birthday cake and sang "Happy Birthday" while presenting my cake with play-dough candles. They loved it and soon we had some creativity going. We added popsicle sticks to the play and it took right off. The kids were singing happy birthday, and also creating their own things with the play-dough. My favorite was the ice cream on a stick.

Tiffany made coloring books for them. They decorated the front with stickers. We brought brand new pencil crayons, for the day. (thank you Cheryl Brown). They colored and colored and colored. In fact the teacher had to ask us to stop so they could eat snack. After snack they were right back to their coloring books. With permission Tiffany gave each of the kids a sucker! Yeah one for everyone. What a wonderful morning! What happy faces!

It feels so good to have this successful day. Tiffany will do this Art day every Wednesday morning.

On our way home, I believe Tiffany and I caught the oldest bus on the road! When it hit the first bump it felt like I was being slammed onto pavement. There are many bumps! The backdoor kept swinging open. The seats were barely staying screwed into place. Yes I sat at the very back of the bus and took my big camera out for those shots of the aisle. Trying to be discreet as possible.

Note to self: A smaller camera is easier to use for getting pictures quickly. Large camera may bring unwanted attention!

Home safe and sound. A quick nap then lunch then off to Spanish classes. Then here we sit enjoying the internet.

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