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Welcome to West Virginia

Historic Building, West Virginia

Abulance - Ohio

Hi Everyone,

What a really interesting and fun day we had today.

We left our overnight stop of Frankfort around 9.30am and continued east through Kentucky until we once again crossed the Ohio River and this time entered the state of West Virginia.

Having never been here before we didn’t really know what to expect but we where a little shocked with the genuine beauty of the place, it is very much a country feel with rolling hills covered in colors of fall that sparkle in the morning sun and then latter in the day as the mist begins to settle over them appear like something out of a Daniel Boone or Huck Finn novel.

Our first stop in the state was in the town of Huntington, home of Marshall University, made famous in the early seventies when a plane carrying their entire gridiron team crashed, killing all on board, they have since then become one of the finest and most successful college teams and we had a quick look around the town, which was surprisingly lower to middle class with quite a few African Americans which is not all that common in these bluegrass states.

Our next stop was just down the road at the local Wal-Mart where we sat in the RV with the rain coming down and snacked on some bologna sandwiches as well as heading inside to pick up a few veggies for tonight’s bbq.

Next we headed off to a small Flea Market in a little town who’s name I have already forgotten, but what a fantastic market this was, pistol and I had a ball looking around all the stalls and I managed to pick up some serious Coke collectors stuff that I have never seen at home for the princely sum of only $22 for 7 items and pistol picket up a antique telephone and a pair of leather cowboy boots for only $50.

As I said we could have bought just so much stuff here, the people where all local and to be honest, most of them had spent the day having a drink or two but they where generous with both their prices and their help so we can’t complain.

After our great bargain hunt we have just arrived at our overnight destination of Sutton, West Virginia and as I speak pistol is preparing the hamburgers, catfish and corn on the conb on the bbq, so it’s time for me to go and tuck in.

Talk again tomorrow,

Pete and Chris.


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