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Tibitts Lighthouse near Cape Vincent

Lake Ontario near Tibbits Lighthouse - such beautiful weather

Sackets Harbor - site of a battle in the War of 1812...

Canon found in Lake Ontario from a British ship

War of 1812 Memorial

Sackets Harbor

Sackets Harbor


On Tuesday the forecast was for a sunny - or at most a partly cloudy day. Weather changes so fast here and can differ considerably on the River from a few miles inland. And the predictions one day can change dramatically by the next.

We decided to drive part of the Seaway Trail. We drove south toward Lake Ontario, first passing Clayton and then Cape Vincent. By the time we got to Tibbetts Lighthouse, it was raining hard and the Lake had white caps. We decided that looking at the lighthouse from the car was our best option.

We then headed down the coastline. The leaves are turning inland but only a few trees are showing signs of fall near the River. We arrived in Sackets Harbor about 1:30 so decided to get a bit to eat. It is a quaint village with a New England atmosphere. Not much was open but we found a small artsy restaurant. Luckily we split a reuben sandwich because it was big enough to feed 3-4 people.

We then headed to the historic district. Most buildings are closed, except on weekends, but we found out that the natural harbor was the site of two forts - one on the point and one at the other end of the harbor. There was a decisive battle fought here. The British seemed to have the upper hand but the Americans fought valiantly and drove them back. On one of the signs we were invited to call a phone number to hear whom the Canadians thought won the War. The St. Lawrence-Lake Ontario area has extensive battle histories.

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