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The Oval Kennington, England vs Pakistan

Our last night in London! It has been fantastic, we both agree that another two weeks still wouldnt be enough to see everything we wanted to see here. Fortunately, because the weather has been so good, we've been able to walk everywhere and be outdoors every day. We havent seen any of the big museums or art galleries, so that's on the to-do list for next time.

We walked through Kennington Park to pick up our hire car. On the way we passed the Oval where England meets Pakistan today. The crowds are well down because of the current scandal involving Pakistan players, their own fans have deserted them in droves. Last night an exiled Pakistani politician was murdered outside his house, but I'm sure it had nothing to do with cricket...

Once we'd got the car and introduced ourselves to the SatNav lady, we headed for Bedfordshire. It wasnt long before we found ourselves smack in the centre of London amidst the bedlam of the Pope's visit. Most main exits had diversions and the SatNav lady was having conniptions as we ignored her instructions. Finally after doing an unscheduled tour of all the back streets of the city, we were on the highway towards Bedford. But even then, the roadworks which are now due to finish in 2013, had thrown traffic into chaos. The only good thing about that was that nothing had changed since I'd driven there in May and some of it was familiar.

We arrived earlier than expected to have dinner with Leo & Rachel, so we drove over to Kempston and I was able to show Pat where Mum was baptised and went to school. We drove through Bolnhurst to see the old house, but I wouldnt let Pat slow down in case Roy saw me again and dragged me inside for another tour!

I'd got Leo to bid on a toasting fork for me before we came over and when we got to Kempston he presented me with not one, but six forks. I will have to ditch some clothes to get them home.

Leo and Rachel were pleased to see us, we took Rachel out to the King William pub for dinner and had a lovely meal. When we got back, Leo had finished his fish and chips and we sat around talking rubbish until very late. It was nearly 2am by the time we got

back to London. We will miss our little flat in Kennington.

Tomorrow we'll drop SatNav lady back at Europcar. She's more trouble than help and Pat is having difficulty dealing with two women screaming directions at him. I was reading the map, SatNav lady was directing from above with no idea of diversions or Papal visits and the road builders were running out turning all the signs around. Its a big enough challenge to drive in London at the best of times.

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