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The little Sistersville Ferry. It holds 2 or 3 cars, it's handy...

Virg and Brother Rick getting some sun on the ferry.

We love to take the ferry when we're in town.

I liked this picture of the flag!

Virg with Theodorus Mellott

This is great, great, great grandfather James Mellott

A Civil War ancestor.

We went to a look out point that gave us some great...

Back to Sistersville again. We came to see our cat, Molly and visit some more with mom and the rest of the family. We also will go back to Ohio and visit my father in the nursing home again.

This time, my brother, Rick, helped Virg look up some of his ancestors from right across the Ohio River from Rick and Nancy's house. Can you believe that Virg's grandfather was born right across the river from where I was born. We still think that we are cousins! It's a good thing that we can't have any children (just kidding)! Well getting back to ancestor locating, they hit the jackpot because there is a road named "Mellott Ridge Road" across the river about 20 miles west from here. So we went looking for it and there lay many of Virg's old, old, relatives! The oldest direct ancestor was his great, great, great,great grandfather, Theodorus Mellott. He was a Revolutionary War soldier who fought with the Bedford Co. in PA. There was also his great, great, great grandfather, James Mellott along with several relatives that fought in the Civil War. It was a very exciting afternoon for Virg because he hasn't known very much about his father's side of the family. His grandfather has disappeared and we can't find a trace of him. We know that he deserted his grandmother shortly after his father was born, but we don't know what happened to him.

I'm grateful to my brother for doing so much extensive research on my family. It has not only given me a sense of who I am, but he has gained the tools to help Virg, as well. We still have one more short road trip before heading home.

We will go to Washington, DC for Glen Beck's 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally.

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