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Well as some of you may have gathered, the arrival of a certain Mrs Wakely, has meant that I have been unable to spend as much time with my mistress (Mms L'internet, as I could previously. I will try to fill in the gaps as when I get the chance.

We are being treated very well by Auckland at the moment. It is making a refreshing change from the wilds of Fiji, being altogether more European in climate, and giving us a chance to try out our woolly jumpers.

We are also being treated very well by the Clarkster (Sam's bessie mate for those who don't know), receiving approximately 50 texts per day to ask us if we are OK, and generally being treated in a manner to which we should try not to become accustomed.

One 'highlight' (literally), so far has been our visit to the Skytower, the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere (yes it is taller than Jack). Sam, sadly had forgotten how bad she was with heights, and spent much of the time clinging to the lifts demanding to be taken back down. Her disquiet was not eased by the fact that people were jumping off the roof, (they weren't stockbrokers having a bad day, it was a typically mental 'Kiwi thing'), so conversation was frequently interrupted by the glimpse of a body hurtling towards the earth. I quite fancied it after watching for a while, but having suffered a bit of the 'heebie fiji's' for a couple of days, wasn't sure that my bowels wouldn't choose an inopportune moment to restore normal service.

We will be heading out soon to see what more Auckland can offer us in the way of nausea inducing thrills, (better than the nausea inducing grills of Fiji), so I will leave you now with the thought of the day, charmingly posted in the breakfast room of our hotel (a different one every day.. watch out Rabbi Lionel Bloom)....."If you conquer the fear in yourself, you will have conquered a powerful enemy".......wise words, mate. ATB UTC

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