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Gabala camp, Eastern beach

Gabala camp Eastern Beach

Eastern Beach

Eastern beach

Eli Creek

Eli Creek

Eli Creek

Kirra sandblow

grace at Kirra

Daniel at Kirra

Hayden at Kirra

7th September

Everything very wet either from humidity or rain, nothing drying, mould starting already!

Packing up found a scorpion under the tent. Moved to a great spot we'd found on eastern beach at Gabala. Camping along the beach can be in any of the designated areas once you have a permit. No facilities. Hidden away behind the second low dune opened up onto a 25mt round grassy spot! Humidity gone! Set up and put everything out to dry. Even found tomatoes growing. Educating kids on dingo rules.

Can't swim anywhere along the beach, though, due to sharks and strong undertows. Not that Daniel, was too understanding about that!

Was surprised to find that we had internet access, using the car aerial. Sitting out the front of our tent, 40 mts from the beach, behind a dune, 9pm....a dingo just popped its' head around to say hi! It ran off as soon as he was noticed.

8th September

Drove 10kms along the beach, dodged soft spots, tour buses whizzed past, avoided aircraft landing sites. First stop was Eli Creek. Very picturesque as the crystal clear creek winds its way through a valley and out to the beach. The water is so clear you can't see it! Enjoyed a swim and floated down with the noodles. Had our picnic lunch in the sand by the creek, overlooking the ocean.

Then went to Rainbow Gorge at Kirra Sandblow. Up onto the dunes and found sands of at least 10 different colours. Both boys ran all the way down, belly-flopping and giggling.

9th September

Drove on another inland track starting at on the beach at Happy Valley via Lake Garawongera and finishing back on the beach at Poyungan Valley. The flora changed from scrub to rainforest to huge trees and back to scrub all within 19kms.

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