We had just left Lake Almanor for Lake Tahoe when the dreaded unthinkable happened. I had been puzzled by a constant smell of burning electrical around the front passenger seat of the RV. It seemed I was struggling up the hills. A warning horn sounded from my smart tire warning system (a system that constantly monitors air pressure and temperature in each tire). My right front tire was excessively hot. I was able to pull off ined the metal a snow chain up area of the road I was traveling. I felt the affected tire and it was very hot. The aluminum rim was so hot it burned my hand. I then realized the smell was the buring brakes on the right front wheel. I called Susanville,CA towing and they responded quite rapidly. The owner,Brian, was an extremely capable and alert mechanic. He was able to jack up the coach and remove the wheel. The brake calipers were locked against the wheel disc and had heat grooves ed the metal disc so hot it cut grooves in the disc and warped the metal parts. Towing a bus of this weight is very complicated and nearly impossible. Bro the steering as it wanted to pullian was able to dissconnect the brake and free the discs so I could drive it to a large Volvo truck repair center in Reno-about 80 miles from where we were in the wilderness. So after a three hour delay we hobbled down a steep 7% grade of many miles using the transmission as a brake as well as judiciously applying the brakes and holding onteto the steering to counteract the swerve induced by the missing right front brake. We finally made it into the Volvo truck center in Reno.---a great relief.

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