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Second stop over. We have 5 hours in Seoul International Airport in South Korea. I am with 2 fellow volunteers; Jamie and Nat. I am absolutely shattered. I slept on the plane from Heathrow to here...I think!

2 things i have noticed:

1) Map of the World in the airport is centred with Asia in the middle, rather than Europe, we are at the edge of the World here!

2) Koreans are so grateful! I put bags of 2 girls in the over storage baggage area. They were so grateful, nodding constantly and saying thank you. If this was Ireland i would be told "What you looking at ya langer, i'll get my older brother after ya" I may be over exaggerating slightly but you know what i mean!

Onto Fiji....


I am currently reading "Why Did I Say These Things?" by Jonathan Ross

I am currently listening to the Scott Pilgrim OST.."WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB 1-2-3-4!!!"

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