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From Ilion Marina & RV Park, Ilion, NY, 10 miles east of Utica within earshot of I-90.

That was our battle cry as we left Watkins Glen….ON to ili-ON, cute, huh??? It gave us a rare opportunity to rest the typical battle cry from Willie Nelson, On The Road Again. The drive was 42 miles back up northward on NY 14 & then 108 miles eastward on I-90.

A new phenomenon for us is the tolls that we are incurring on this trip. So far we have paid $50 in tolls & still have another 72 miles to go on I-90, & will undoubtedly have tolls in several locations as we work our way down through the other New England & eastern seaboard states……just not used to the concept of tolls in the Southeast nor have we encountered them anywhere else except in the Miami area. I explored getting an EZ Pass, but all things considered, it just did not seem to be worth the hassle of getting it for this one trip.

This RV Park is unique, to say the least. From what I learned about it while making plans, it sounded very interesting, being a RV Park owned by the “Village of Ilion” (I just love that name) adjoining their marina on the bank of the Erie Canal. That description combined with 50 amps, water, sewer, cable TV, wi-fi at each site made it sound near-perfect.

The peculiarities are the reservation/registration document, which is a five-pager much like an apartment lease. The campground itself is simply a parking lot, literally with each RV site being a back-in into a double-wide parking space, with all rigs lined-up shoulder to shoulder. I’m back in my space as far as the rear curb allows me & my nose is barely out of the traffic lane. We do have a great view of the Erie Canal & its occasional boat traffic out our front window.

The electrical feed has been quirky since our first night here which I am still trying to determine whether it is a high/low voltage supply issue or something inside of Phae’s connections. The electrical supply intermittently cuts-out & then cuts back in, with the inverter supplying power off of the house batteries in-between cut-outs/ins for everything except the air conditioners.

Since it is intermittent with no pattern yet discerned, so many variables & my very limited understanding & great fear of anything electrical, I probably will not have it figured-out until a couple of days after we arrive at our next location. We have surge guard & voltage booster (AutoFormer) devices through which the power travels, so I am still trying to get my head around everything.

Of the sixteen spaces here, twelve of them are occupied by seasonals who have avoided making it look like a trailer park. The other three sites filled-up for the weekend, but other than that, there has not been any movement since we arrived.

Our first full day here I did some maintenance chores, including lubing the slide-out seals, repairing & disinfecting some water hoses, organizing my wooden blocks that I use under the jacks or wheels as needed, regluing some wood veneer & some other items that I am forgetting.

I’ll come back shortly in another journal entry with some travels that we have done while here.

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