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Model ship hanging in the church

Mont St Michel looming in the distance


In the streets walking up

The entrance to the smaller church on the island


Pure silver statue of St Michel slaying the dragon



Palm tree!

The track they used to bring building supplies into the church

Inside the church

Model of the Mont St Michel


Outside of the church at the very top



Plaque with all of the knights who defended Mont St Michel listed

The hall by the abbey gardens

The gardens


Each pillar was carved with different designs on each side


The hall where the monks ate their meals

The kitchens of the abbey


Looking down the same track

Plaster copy of the golden statue of St Michel standing on top...

Yeah, that's right...I have wings...



Looking out over the desert...By nightfall this is all water











Mont St Michel was too unbelievable to fully put into words. Imagine, driving along on the bus, nothing to see around you, when suddenly, in the distance looms a great island. A large church is sitting above a hill crowded with houses and stores below. Above the abbey, on the spire, glitters a hint of gold - the statue of Sainte Michel fighting and defeating a dragon. The island grows out if the fog as you drive closer to the island.

This is what it was like to drive from the train station in Pontorsson to Mont St Michel. The entire town was built onto this island with only one road in and out. From afar it looks like an island of buildings in the middle of a desert with only hints of water. We got there early in the morning which was perfect because we beat most of the crowd.

We explored almost every street and alleyway we could possibly find. It almost felt like a maze walking up and down the streets. We got lost, backtracked, and figured if we got lost we would just go up until we got to the abbey on top.

It was a bit of a hike that day walking around. There isn't really one place of flat ground (except in the buildings)and it is all uneven cobblestones. It was beautiful.

The views were spectacular and we were very camera happy this day. If anyone is thinking about going here, I highly recommend it. However, if you want to walk across the sand, be careful! The tide comes in fast...take a guide to be safe. The tide can go up to 15 meters!! CRAZY!

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