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Sentry At The Entrance Gate To The Fortress Louisburg

Main Street

Mentioned in yesterday's blurb that we had tickets to "A Night In A Cape Breton Kitchen" performance at the Louisbourg Playhouse, what a great performance! Started at 8:00 PM and went for just over 2 hours, and was entertained for every minute! Anyway, on to today's adventures! After breakfast we headed over to the Fortress of Louisbourg,a Canadian National Historic Site depicting life in this French fort in the 18th century. Can't say that I have ever heard mention of this place, either back in school in history classes or in general conversation until Martin, one of my quadding buddies back home, said it was a must see, and boy was he right! In our various travels over the years we have visited many restored forts, both in Canada and the US, and this place stands above all the rest I have seen so far by leaps and bounds! When talking to the period performers it's like you have traveled back to their time and are experiencing their life first hand. We spent the whole day and covered less then half of the fort, so back again tomorrow to hopefully cover the rest. We stopped at the Fortress View restaurant for a very late lunch on the way back, and the first coffee of the day, no Timmy's in Louisbourg! After this late lunch we walked through the waterfront section of town and back along the main street to the RV Park.

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