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Saturday, August 21st – Halifax (Peggy’s Cove), Nova Scotia

A free day for the Tracker’s! Everyone went in different directions, but not our direction. Up the road a bit is a small marina & from there we had the most fabulous 2 hr kayak ride in the bay. I must say it is the roughest water we have kayaked in but it was glorious. Weather was perfect, minimal clouds, clear skies, and good breezes. Then we had lunch at the Subway Sandwich Restaurant there. I had a lobster sub! I guess these are not uncommon on the east coast in the summer but you certainly won’t find them near L.A.!

In the little office of the kayak place was a photo of Rob Lowe with friends in their kayaks from a couple of years ago.

Then a drive around the bay, a little marketing, several photo stops, & another Allan experience as he decided it would be fun to drive across the little “spit”, a short manmade road of rocks & gravel that was built to access a home built on a little island. As we approached the end of the road we saw the sign “Private Road”. So not wanting to offend he backed the car up all the way to the main road! The spit roadway was no more than 8ft wide!

He brought me back to the rig & took a motorcycle ride out to the end of the peninsula to see it again without the fog & take photos with the lighthouse (which also serves as their post office.

We had a group potluck dinner outside & then watched the sunset again. Lovely evening!

The trailer fire couple is back!!!! Their rig was totaled & they were able to buy a shorter but adequate 5th wheel to get them through the trip. They will decide about it later. In case I forgot to mention, the couple with the diesel air suspension problem returned, all repaired, a few days ago. We are back to 24 rigs.

I finally got to go into a Canadian Tire Store. Allan was insistent that I must see one. It is an automotive supply store on steroids! They also have hardware, housewares, some picnic & camping supplies etc. I am sure they are online.

The view from our coach is amazing (I am running out of adjectives). I feel I am being repetitive with adjectives & then they loose their meaning. But the words do express what we are seeing!

Tomorrow we are off to ? somewhere, Nova Scotia?

Tried to call the family last night on Skype. It was late, we were very tired & cranky, the connection would not work & only later did we want to kick ourselves for not just making a darn regular cell phone call! The kids were all together. We were able to talk with Mike & Max briefly tonite. Skype is not working here. Will try again tomorrow at our new location.

Nite nite!

Sunday, August 22nd – Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia

T’was a traveling day. Several left late after attending church. We still have to make some personal decisions & plans re: the High Holidays coming up. Not sure where we will be as yet. No, there are no other Jews with us (that we know of).

I had a nice conversation on Friday with an Orthodox family that I met at the Citadel in Halifax. They live in Toronto & are originally from Jerusalem. Nice family with about 6 young kids.

So, here we are, in the middle of nowhere, along a beautiful river or bay, very green & lush, calm water with people canoeing, some kids swimming (water is very cold). Temps have been gloriously cool, in the upper 60’s, low 70‘s. Maritimes are a must do! We highly recommend coming here.

We got a leisurely start, stopped at a market & arrived after a 150 mile drive, reasonably early for a change! We won’t talk about the 4 sets of directions we missed but got to where we were supposed to be by pure luck or that huge bridge where we took the wrong “fork”, missing the bridge & then had to do a u-ee (that we almost couldn’t make!) to get back to the bridge. We have some wifi here so was able to talk to Renee.

While I made the Skype call, Allan drove into the little Village nearby to site see & check out their anniversary happenings.

Dinner was a spaghetti dinner in the clubhouse prepared by our 2 Wagon Master couples. Each Tracker brought an appetizer, salad or dessert. Blueberry pie is VERY popular in these parts! Following dinner was a karaoke/sing along. Quite a fun group!

Tomorrow is another driving day, but they are short distances so they are not a problem. Hope all are well! Love & kisses!

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