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The holiday had ended and the long journey home had begun. Luckily on the way home we got seats together unlike our journey out. I watched Butch Cassidy and The Sundance KId on the plane while waiting for our supper. The supper arrived and we were given a choice of ham or cheese roll. I chose ham and Angie chose cheese. I got a hot ham and cheese roll, with a few slices of tomato that I removed. Angie picked cheese and got egg with tomato (which she discarded) a small bit of cheese. I then settled down to get some much needed sleep. We were 40 minutes late leaving Hong Kong and twenty minutes late arriving in Helsinki. After a quick change over we were on the final flight of out trip, to London. Left on time, arrived almost on time, but couldnt get a slot to land so flw around for 15 minutes waiting for a slot to land. We then had to wait for a gate to taxi into, meaning we were late getting into Heathrow. Got though immigration quickly, which meant very little as we had to hang around for ages waiting for the baggage reclaim to kick into action. After collecting our bags it was a case of getting to St Pancras for our train on time. We sat on the tube working out how many minutes we had before our train and how many of the 23 stations we had left to go through. Managed to get there with 16 minutes to spare, which meant a quick visit to the Cornwall Pastie Company on the station for a couple of pasties, wedges, and drinks. We took and devoured these in our first class carriage for the last leg of this mammoth journey. We were met at the station by Sophie and Maurice who took us home, filled us in on the news we had missed and showed us the damage to my car. We were home and back to reality. The only thing left is to look back on the last 40 days.

Firstly a few thank you's. Thanks must go first to the Chan family in Hong Kong for helping in the planning, the smooth running and the advice for the trip. As well as for organising things for us in Hong Kong, showing us around, the Oyster cards and phone, you made the trip so much easier. To the Liem family in Maccao, not forgetting Jessica, I am sure nobody has ever done as much and got so much out of Maccao in such a short space of time, thank you. Thank you too, to Geoff Chau and his family who gave us a taste of Hong Kong, Geoff did a great job of taking us around for the day and feeding us sticky tofu and well as giving up his one day off on a Saturday to give us a real nice time. Thanks to his mum, dad and Joe for showing us a Hong Kong breakfast out another memorable experience. Thanks also to Derek Chung for doing a great job organising the first night out of the School House boarders in Hong Kong and thanks to Walter for organising the second. Thank you to all the past and present boarders for turning up on those nights, it really did mean a lot to us both. Thanks to everbody that has read this journal, particularly those that have emailed us about it, especially Kev and Gaye who have hardly let a day go by without comment,you two really should get out more, it at least gave me the reassurance that I wasnt sat in a hotel room typing up the days events for myself and that someone out there was reading it. A special for thanks from Angie for Fitz for the tiger balm tip, it really made a difference. Thanks Steve for starting it off with the lift to the airport. Thanks to hotel staff, waiters, waving children and everyone we have come across that have made the trip so special and such fun.

Now our best and worst moments of the trip.


Angie - Luang Prabang

Graham - Luang Prabang


Angie - Chau Doc

Graham - Chau Doc


Angie - Laos

Graham - Laos


Angie - China

Graham - China


Angie - Khoa Yai National Park

Graham - Khoa Yai National Park


Angie - Arriving at Hanoi at 5am

Graham - 13 hour train journey from Guangzhou to Nanning with a "Standing" ticket.

FAVOURITE MEAL (Food only not company)

Angie - First night at Mr Kim's in Hoi An

Graham - Stir Fried Beef and Red Tree Ants in Phnom Penh


Angie - 3rd Night in Bangkok

Graham - The hotel on our first night in Bangkok


Angie - Hai Au at Hoi An

Graham - Hai Au at Hoi An


Angie - Babylon, Vang Vieng.

Graham - Babylon, Vang Vieng


Angie - Chau Doc to Phnom Penh, a boat up the Mekon

Graham - Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang


Angie - Vientiane to Vang Vieng

Graham - Guangzhou to Nanning, 13 hours on a standing ticket. (Do I sound bitter?)


Angie - Lemon Shake

Graham - Beerlao


Angie - The inteligence and wit of the children street hawkers in Cambodia

Graham - Getting around the whole trip without any major disasters


Angie - Bangkok

Graham - Bangkok


Angie - Go back to Vang Vieng so I could do the tubing.

Graham - Tubing, but this time not alone

Thank you all for reading this.

Good bye till the next one that is already in at the planning stage.

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