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Just a few of my favorite cousins.

My cousin sings with a great group. He sounds kind of like...

Virg just couldn't make up his mind about which candies he wanted!

Virg with his 90 year old Uncle Charlie and some of his...

Rick and Nancy's house (my brother & sister-in-law) that sits on the...

An LST 325 from WWII coming up the Ohio River as we...

This is what we did in WV for excitment. We sat and...

Just a few of my first cousins who attended the family reunion,

My mother with her remaining siblings.

This group was trying to shoot golf balls across the river. It...

You have probably been wondering what happened to us! Well, I'm sorry that I haven't written in a very long time, but we have been in busy visiting with a lot of family.

We arrived in Sistersville, WV on Aug. 1 and stayed with my brother and sister in law, Rick and Nancy and my mother, for about five days in their beautiful home on the Ohio River. Rick was kind enough to install 30 amps of electricity for us to plug into, so we parked at their house and that's where the motorcoach has stayed for the month.

While visiting with them we were able to have dinner at the country club where Nancy cooks on Saturday nights. We had a prime rib and chicken dinner and later Rick got the crowd singing karaoke. Now that's the way to spend a Saturday night! I loved every minute of it. There are some pretty good singers in WV, I am not one of them.

We visited with my father, who's in a nursing home. He's located about two hours away, up the Ohio River. Of course, we have been having a nice time catching up with my mother. We haven't seen her all summer.

When returning from Texas, we stayed in Sistersville for another week. During that stay we had a great family reunion. Quite a few of my mother's family came from all over the country to reunite. I saw spent the day with family from Arkansas, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, California, Delaware and of course, West Virgina. I haven't seen some of my cousins in over 35 years. What a treat it was to spend time with my family. I do have to note that it was 97 degrees that day along with 97% humidity. People kept commenting on the heat of Phoenix, are you kidding me! Phoenix is like a cool breeze compaired to the sauna that we were in on that day!

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