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The hill that overlooks Luang Prabang

Another Flower Angie Likes

Wats of Luang Prabang 1

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My friend the monk

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We awoke at 5am, quickly got dressed and were out in search of Tak Bat. This is where each morning at around 6am, hundreds of resident monks leave their wat and walk silently down the streets in single-file to collect food offerings from the local people and unfortunately some tourists. The tourists seem to forget that it is a religous ritual not a cultural show for them. We watched and photographed it from a distance, however some tourists were right in the monks faces with their cameras. It is quite a sight to see and seems very fitting for the feel of this town. After the monks had gone off to eat their sticky rice we returned to our hotel and to be honest back for another couple of hours sleep.

When we eventually got up we decided it was a day for sightseeing and most of the sights to see in Luang Prabang are Wats. We set off and almost next door to our hotel were two of the finest in town, we wandered around them and took some photos. We left these two and went in search of more. As we turned the next corner I was met by a fantastic sight, a sign that read "Spurs v Man City on here live" what a result thought I was going to miss that one. Before we could reach the nexty sset of Wats the heavens opened again so as usual we had to nip into a bar till the rain subsided. If this weather continues we will both become alcholics. After a 30 minute shower, we were off again and wandering around another couple of Wats. at one of these Wats we ended up chatting to one of the novice monks and helping him with his English homework. He was very happy to chat and told us about the rules he had to live by as a monk, including not killing any living thing, no alcohol, no food in the afternoon and no beer, not sure I monks life would be for me. As we left our friendly monk, the rain started again, luckily opposite the Wat was a bakery, you thought I was going to say bar didnt you? We decided to have lunch in there, so shared a chocolate bagette and drank iced lemon tea. Then the afternoon was spent looking at more Wats and wandering along the road at the riverside, in what had become a very hot day.

The sunburn I had from my afternoon is now starting to drive me made it is so itchy, luckily we found some aloe vera gel and applied that, hope it does the trick. When we got back to the hotel room I discovered that the tv in our room would also have the Spurs game on, so I could now watch the game and not inflict anymore damage on my liver.

I settled down and watched that while Angie was on the computer, thought Spurs should have won, but hey ho thats football. After the match we wandered down to the night market, hoping to get a better look at it than we had last night. Luckily the weather remained fine and we spent a while wandering through the market and bought some spring rolls off of one of the stalls as a starter to our evening meal. We had decided to go back to the riverside for our evening meal, we had spotted a restaurant there this afternoon and decided it looked nice. Unfortunately when we had walked down the street earlier it had been in bright sunshine, when we returned at 9pm it was extremely dark with no street lights and very uneven pavements. Unfortunately on the way to the restaurant Angie tripped and fell, landing on both her knees, grazing her elbow, wrist, chin and chest. Other holidaymakers rushed to make sure she was ok, as did a local guy who was extremely concerned and offered to take her to hospital, but she felt this wasnt necessary. She did manage very slowly to hobble the last 50 yards to the restaurant, where the lady in charg showed great concern and helped Angie to clean up her grazes and put some ointment on them for her. After our meal we made our way slowly back to the hotel, stopping at the night market to buy a couple of pictures that Angie wants to put up in the lounge at home.

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