Island Night - Latu, Patrick and Gerry dancing

The other side of the island (where we looked for crabs)

Our side of the island (Ratu Kini's is just down from the...

Miss Hull

Dirk, Miss Germany aka THE WINNER

Miss Munster (yes, that is the Von Dutch)

All the girls (don't they look lovely?)

Where the dorm was (top floor)

This is again a slightly fabricated date, thing is that there was no internet on Mana so I cldn't do an update from there!

Spent a night in Nadi when I arrived in Fiji (plane was delayed and didn't get in until midnight), however I got up in the morning and told the reception I wanted to go out to one of the islands, she told me I had to leave right away so was bundled into a taxi and taken to the beach where the boat left from! Then got boated out to Mana, about 45 mins off the coast (30 km I think someone said?). Was a wee small island, I have pics but will upload them in the US, hostel called Ratu Kinis and was sooo friendly. Beaches were lovely as well.

All the Fijian ppl at the hostel were really nice, knew everyone's name... the dorm was quite hilarious, in a big house in the village, had no locks or anything, was a big top floor divided up with office tuype partitions and loads of bunk beds, half with no mattresses at all. very strange. good larks tho. and the showers were pipes sticking out of the wall!

Got 3 meals included for my fifteen quid a night which was nice, also they had different entertainment every evening, like Fijian dancing or crab racing or a drag night (that was soooo funny, photos to come). Did an island hopping trip where we went round some of the plusher resorts and got to use their pools, then had a BBQ lunch and did some snorkelling in the afternoon, beautiful fishes (just like in an aquarium) and corals. It was great!

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