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finding a spot in a small area - wait your turn!

quite a line of balloons

more came where others left!

formal affair for this one!

looks like it wasn't going to make it over the tree tops!

lifting off near sunset

the gang's all here!

huge ladybug just smiles and waits on its slow neighbor

come on there lighthouse!

these stayed up for a balloon glow - gas fired up inside...

Binghamton and Central NY love their Spiedies and have a festival every year to celebrate. 2 Italians brought over the recipe from Italy in the early 1900s and people here just loved them. Spiedies are cubes of meat (chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison, beef) marinated in a special sauce, grilled over a charcoal pit and served in Italian bread or a roll. It's all in the sauce - oil, vinegar, Italian spices, minced onion, etc. are used depending on the maker's taste. While the spiedies can be cooked on skewers, don't call them kabobs!

There were plenty of vendors selling crafts and such, as well as fair foods like fries, blooming onions, fried dough, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Hot air balloons launched in the "open" field between the vendor tents and it was amazing to see how they made enough room for themselves! Balloons were supposed to launch at 6:30 PM, but it had been windy all day and it was thought it wasn't going to happen. But, about 7:20, out came lots of baskets, nylon, and gas tanks and they were off to get up and away before it got too late! there was no way those balloons could land, get packed up, back on the field, and blown up again for the balloon glow that was scheduled for 9 PM, at the close of the day's activities. But two big special shaped balloons did get blown up and tethered to give a glimpse of what it looks like.

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