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Linda relaxes after dinner

the conductor chats with a passenger

engine and birthday girl are coming around to pull us back home

Linda and I boarded the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley train to have dinner catered by Brooks BBQ and enjoy the sights along the way. Linda had chicken while I had the ribs. Baked potatoes and coleslaw came with it, as well as a roll, free iced tea, punch, and water, and then dessert on the way back! I had cheesecake while Linda had the fruit parfait. The food was pretty good and there were a lot of customers enjoying things along with us!

As you can see we checked out the passenger car where the seat backs slide from one side to the other so that you can always see where we are going or where we've been! We watched the engineers and conductor unhook the engine, put up the red tail lights, and pull the engine around to the other side of the train for the ride back.

On the way back, we stopped at the "Field of Dreams", a new baseball camp for 12 year olds, and watched fireworks that are displayed every Thursday night! Another fun time!

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