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August 6,2010

I am back in Antigua. It´s truly like a holiday from travelling. Cara is going to love it. I guess the big question is whether we are going to leave here and travel or stay and do day/multi-day trips using Antigua as a base. The weather has been horrible. It rains every day around 3pm and stops by 7:00pm.

In Antigua we can get for half the price the same quality of luxury as we would expect from Canada and some and I mean some culture to boot. I have yet to see anything or buy anything. I am waiting for Cara. When Cara leaves Guatemala I want her to understand that she is the only one in my heart and to have an understanding of the difficulties of overland travel.

I got the outline of the rest of my sleeve done the other day. I find myself hiding it. I don´t know. To have my entire arm cover in ink is…..intense. Now if find that even other travelers look at me oddly. But really now – there are…say 2000 foreigners here and maybe 100 or less are real travelers. It´s probably just me. The other day I over heard an older group talking about hearing aids. Were exactly am I – club med?

He is Vishnu and he´s beautiful (hansom). Clearly the stigma remains.

I am quite consumed about having a full sleeve. Dennis is not going to approve. According to him anyone with a beard or ink is trying to hide something. Times they are a changing.

I am re-reading Vidal´s book. I am too early into it to make a comment one way or another in reflecting to the comments I made during my first go-a-round.

I read a national Geographic Adventure magazine while eating breakfast today and there was a great story about the Redwoods. Remembering what I wrote in my journal I discovered that a few more stats of interest.

Last year two biologists spent 333 days in southern Oregon and in northern California mapping the placement of every single grove of Redwoods remaining. They camped the entire time without outside support and used 45 cashes of supplies to get them through.

In the last 150 years, 95% of all the Redwoods have been cleared. The remaining 5% are still being liquidated.

Coastal Redwoods are the highest reaching organisms on Earth. These forests existed in the time of the dinosaurs and today contains more standing biomass acre for acre than the Amazon basin.

August 7, 2010

Yesterday I meet a guy in a bar wearing a UXO t-shirt. I have not seen one of these since Laos. UXO stands for unexploded ordinance. During the final months of the American war the American government would fly thousands of bombing raids on Laotian soil because the Hochimen trial ran into Laos. Even today this area is considered to be the most heavily bombed place on Earth. Germany has sent a lot of personnel and equipment to train and supply the Laotian people that live and farm in the area along the Vietnam border. Volunteers are given a UXO t-shirt. I asked him about it. He confirmed that he was volunteering in the area. I tried to trade him my, ‘Dick’s Half Way Inn’ t-shirt, that I bought at a dollar store in Phoenix, for it but he wouldn’t bite. He told me I was the first to ever mention to him about the shirt and knowing what it stood for. He was from Ottawa.

Cara is arriving tonight. I went for a ride today. I left around 10am or so and was back by 1 or 2 in the afternoon. It’s now 3pm and raining again. The only time to ride is between 8am and 1pm, max. A hotel or hostel must be found no later than 2pm.

I didn’t get wet on my ride but Electra got a little dirty. We ran through some deep puddles. They were about 8” deep and 3m wide.

I am storing her at an old ladies house and I woke her up to get Electra. There are a lot of feral cats around her property. She doesn’t care for them much. Shitting and pissing and carrying on all night.

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